Esplanade Mall St. George, Grenada

Esplanade Mall in St. George, Grenada offers a luxurious shopping experience with a blend of modern art and well-known shops. We invite you to discover a unique and exciting destination.

The best shopping trip ever

Grenreal Property Corporation Limited has been particularly set up to allow local and regional private, professional and institutional investors to benefit from the positive effects on real estate market of the cruise tourism in Grenada. Earlier named “St. George’s Cruise Terminal Limited” was later renamed to “Grenreal Property Corporation Limited”. The company owns Esplanade Mall located on the reclaimed lands of St. George’s New Cruise Port. Under an Amalgamation Agreement registered onSeptember 15, 2007, the company was merged with another real estate enterprise called the Bruce Street Commercial Complex Limited. The Esplanade and Bruce Street Malls located at the Cruise Ship Terminal on Melville Street, the area formerly known as “the Esplanade” is the leading location for local and international brands.The Cruise ship passengers are invited to shop, eat, drink and enjoy the two amazing malls. The wide selection of shops meets the needs of men, women and children covered alike. Our food outlets are sure to satisfy everyone’s hunger.